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BeesafeVPN is a premium VPN provider specializing in high-quality, unlimited VPN Servers worldwide. Both individual and business customers are welcome at BeesafeVPN.

BeesafeVPN Commitment

Guaranteed security for affordable price! We are committed to protecting your identity, security and data. We will use the OpenVPN protocol and implement a strict no logging policies on all servers! Even if we are asked we can't give out anything!

Our mission

To make our service feel like home for you! Our mission is to create an easy-to-use, premium and high-availability global network of VPN servers that is customer-oriented, secure and cheap while completely protecting the identities of our users!

Our vision

Sustainable VPN network only made for you! Our vision is to provide a premium VPN service that is not only useful and neccesary for our customers to protect their privacy, but also financially and technically sustainable for years to come!

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At BeesafeVPN we strive to create a truly global network with as many locations as possible. We are adding new locations as often as we can to meet the demand for our VPN network

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Our Team

Vivian J. Rogers

Cheife Executive Officer (CEO)

Marie S. Higginbotham

Senior Marketing Officer

Larry W. Oliver

Managing Director

Michelle R. Weiss

Production Manager

865 Server In 197 Country

BeesafeVPN provides secure, premium VPN servers across the globe!

Enjoy maximum performance and availability at affordable prices!

  • North America (201)
  • South America (169)
  • Europe (151)
  • Australia/Oceania (142)
  • Asia (70)
  • Africa (40)
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